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Global Assist

Our 24/7 Global Assist Helpline provides valuable pre-trip information and worldwide assistance in a medical, legal or personal emergency, for you or a member of your dependant family while travelling outside the UK.

Our Global Assist service does not charge to make any of the necessary arrangements. Cash advances, medical, shipping and other costs are charged to your Corporate Platinum Card and approval will be sought prior to incurring any costs.

Call 0800 032 7646 (International +44 1273 721 010) for assistance.

American Express Corporate Platinum Service Team

To ensure your experience is everything you expect, a dedicated Corporate Platinum Service Team is available whenever you need them. They can help you with:

  • Emergency Card replacement for lost, stolen or damaged Cards
  • Information on your monthly statements
  • Enquiries about payment terms
  • All you need to know about Corporate Platinum Card benefits

For assistance call the Platinum Corporate Service Team on 0800 032 7646
(International +44 1273 721 010).

Online Account Management

Stay in control of your business expenses with online access to your account. Online Account Management is the most convenient way to manage your account, whatever time zone you happen to be in.
It allows you to:

  • Make payments, view statements and billing information
  • Complete expense reports
  • Manage your Membership Rewards® account 24 hours a day

Unless we agree with your Company otherwise, you will receive your monthly statements online. We will send you a monthly email reminder as soon as your latest statement is ready to view. You can find out more about online statements here.

At American Express we offer you choices about how you would like to receive marketing related offers and marketing news. To keep us updated with your preferences, please login to your account at

To access Online Account Management, click here and log in using your User ID and Password. You will be able to set your login details when you first register your Card.

Delegating Management of your Account

Your Card allows you to delegate the management of your account or booking business travel to a member of your staff, if you prefer.

Nominate someone to administer and service your Card on your behalf by completing the Authorised Nominee Disclosure Form included in the envelope in your welcome pack. If you have misplaced your Enrolment Form, please contact the Platinum Corporate Service Team on
0800 032 7646 (International +44 1273 721 010).

Express Cash

Be prepared for any situation wherever your business takes you with access to up to £1,000 per week in local currency from 1.2 million cashpoints worldwide. This cash limit is valid unless your company has specified otherwise.

Contact the Platinum Corporate Service team on 0800 032 7646 (International +44 1273 721 010) or your Programme Administrator for an Express Cash Enrolment Form.

Please note that Express Cash application is subject to approval and activation (Terms and Conditions apply). Cash access is granted subject to and governed by the terms of the agreement between American Express and your Company and may be withdrawn at your Company’s request at any time. Please be aware that limits and fees apply. Each time you make an Express Cash transaction a charge will apply of 3% of the value withdrawn or a minimum charge of £3 will apply, whichever is greater.

Chip & PIN

Your Card uses Chip & PIN technology to provide extra security and convenience. Once you have activated your Card, you can personalise your PIN at any UK LINK cashpoint offering PIN services.

If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, your Card will be temporarily locked. If this happens, contact the Platinum Corporate Service team on 0800 032 7646 (International +44 1273 721 010) for a PIN reminder. Use this to unlock your Card at any UK LINK cashpoint that offers PIN services, by following the on-screen instructions.

Click here to find your nearest cashpoint.

Terms and Conditions

Please familiarise yourself with the Corporate Platinum Card Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Your first step to enjoying the features and benefits of your new Card.

If you have questions about your Card or require assistance, please call the Platinum Corporate Service Team on:0800 032 7646
+44 1273 721 010)

Enroll now to access monthly Card statements and ensure account management anytime.